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Cryostats, Cryomagnets and Probe Stations

Janis Research Company

Since 1961, Janis Research Company has been providing the world's largest corporations and best-known research laboratories with state-of-the-art cryogenic equipment for research, characterization, and industrial applications. The growing success of Janis and their products over the years can be attributed to precision engineering and quality manufacturing; reliability and performance; ease-of-use; and a high level of service and support.

Helium 3 Cryostat - Janis Research Company

Product lines include:

  • Dilution refrigerators: standard/customized, wet/dry, UHV (available with magnetic field)
  • Ultra-stable He3 cryostats for STM, UHV (available with magnetic field)
  • Optical cryostats for electric transport, Hall effect, very low vibration, wet/dry
  • Helium re-circulators to conserve helium in wet cryostats
  • Customized systems of all types

Platforms Table

Dilution Refrigerator Insert - Janis Research Company

For most scientists, obtaining a cryogenic system represents a long-term commitment of time and resources. That is why Janis Research is devoted to providing scientists with the highest levels of quality and support. Whether it's a simple flow cryostat, a complex sub-kelvin system or a large cryogen-free dilution refrigerator for quantum information research, every cryostat can be customized to your application requirements.

Cryostat Features

  • Temperatures down to <10 mK
  • Low vibration systems
  • Superconducting magnet-integrated systems
  • Systems for STM with ultra-high stability
  • Fully customized systems
Probe Station - Janis Research Company

Janis Research's cryogenic and vacuum probe stations are designed for non-destructive electrical testing using DC, RF, and fiber-optic probes. They have applications in a variety of fields, including: semiconductors, MEMS, superconductivity, electronics, ferroelectrics, material science, physics and optics. Probe stations can be cooled using liquid helium, liquid nitrogen, or a closed-cycle "dry" cryocooler. Models offer ultra-high vacuum (UHV), ultra-high temperature (up to 675 K), and magnetic fields.

Janis Research's special flexible probe tips allow them to absorb the movement from thermal drift during variable temperature measurements. The result is a stable probe tip position during probe station temperature cycling.

In addition, Janis's miniature transportable sample vacuum chambers for their probe stations are capable of maintaining your samples in vacuum during transportation via an atmosphere environment. This vacuum chamber can be used for transferring wafer/substrates under vacuum from a glove box into a vacuum or cryogenic probe station (or into a vacuum chamber) and back into the glove box after testing, measurements or preparations.

Unlike a common vacuum load lock the vacuum chamber has the following features and benefits:

  • Typical sizes of 50 mm diameter and 25 mm thickness
  • No gate valves required
  • Low cost
  • Does not increase base temperature of the cryogenic probe station when mounting

Probe Station Features

  • Wet and dry cryogenic probe stations
  • Sample in UHV
  • Measurement in magnetic field
  • Fully customizable

Janis Cryogenic System Selection

Janis Research Company - Cryogenic System Selection

Janis Products by Cooling Matrix

Janis Products by Cooling Matrix

Janis Cryogenic Systems Guide

Janis Cryogenic Systems Guide

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Janis Research Company

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