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RHK Technology – SPMs and Controllers

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RHK Technology

RHK's surface science systems integrate only the best analytical and preparation instruments from top industry suppliers. To further advance products and performance, they consult top scientists as well as knowledgeable customers confronting new research challenges. Every day, in university and government labs around the globe, RHK research platforms lead to new discoveries in nanotechnology. Founded in 1981, RHK Technology brings over 25 years of experience to the design and manufacture of advanced UHV SPM instruments.


PanScan Family of SPMs – STM & AFM

UNSW Pan Freedom System by RHK Technology

All Pan-style scan heads owe their origin and name to Dr. Shuheng Pan, University of Houston – Department of Physics, who was the original developer of this piezo-motor style. His Pan scanner is well known for its stability in extreme environments. RHK collaborated directly with Dr. Pan to commercialize his design, enhancing the original by adding XY offsets, in-situ tip exchange, multiple points of optical access, and AFM-qPlus probes – all in a remarkably rugged and compact modular package. PanScan is available with STM only or with both STM and AFM capabilities. AFM-qPlus and STM probes are switchable in a vacuum. qPlus sensors include a conductive tip for combined AFM and STM scanning techniques. Both of these complementary proximal probe techniques provide atomic resolution. The unique value of AFM is its applicability to a broader range of materials, especially insulators. By utilizing probe holders with the same mounting base, you can easily load both STM and AFM-qPlus probes into the tip storage positions and switch between them in situ. The compact size and non-magnetic construction of PanScan make it ideal for operation from mK to 400K. Uniquely designed for easy adaptation, PanScan is available in a variety of configurations from kits for the atmospheric operation to complete cryogen-free low-temperature systems.

Available Models

  • PanScan Freedom: World's first closed cycle cryogen-free system for stable low temp performance, unprecedented low drift, exceptional spectroscopy, and atomic resolution in a surprisingly compact and affordable package.
  • PanScan Freedom Tesla: World's first closed-cycle cryogen-free SPM system, plus a closed-cycle cryogen-free superconducting high-Tesla magnet, all in one. Freedom performance and high magnetic fields – without ever paying for liquid cryogens.
  • PanScan FLOW: For researchers who need LT temperatures less frequently, PanScan FLOW provides easy flexibility. Readily switches between LN2 (82 K), LHe (12 K) and RT. Same rock-solid stability and uniform tip/sample temperature as Freedom.
  • PanScan RT: RT Ambient or UHV provides a strong SPM foundation as is, and also a clean, economical path to LT Flow or Freedom when needed. From Subsystems to Full Systems, PanScan is an ideal lab choice.
  • PanScan Scanner: Ultra-stable and rigid, ultra-low drift, STM/qPlus-AFM, mK to 400 K, high mag field compatibility.

For more details and specifications on the PanScan family, visit the RHK PanScan product page.

PanScan Family Brochure

Beetle Family of VT SPMs – STM & AFM

Beetle with 4-chamber for SPM by RHK Technology

Based on the field-proven "Johnny Walker" Beetle™ design, RHK's VT Beetle is the most mechanically and thermally stable of the many variable temperature SPM designs on the market today. Wide VT operation from 25 K (LHe) to 1500 K is coupled with easily aligned AFM enabling a full range of techniques from advanced NC-AFM to true quantitative friction force measurements. The user can easily switch between STM and AFM in UHV, and exchange and store samples, tips, and probes in UHV. The Beetle is available in a variety of configurations from kits for atmospheric operation to complete variable temperature systems. Specialized Beetle systems from RHK provide Variable Magnetic Fields, specialized Optical access for many optical beam studies, and SEM-guided probe positioning. The Beetle can be integrated with RHK's prep-analysis chambers for a multi-technique nanotech research platform whose performance and capabilities are unmatched.

Available Models

  • Beetle UHV VT STM: The classic standard in VT STM, with the best stability from 25K to 1500K.
  • Beetle UHV VT AFM: Performance and versatility from one of the most mechanically and thermally stable VT SPMs available.
  • Beetle UHV VT VFM: Ex-vacuum electromagnets require no cooling and provide continuously variable & reversible fields up to 1 tesla. The field can be varied real-time while imaging.
  • Beetle UHV VT AFM/SEM: Bridging the gap between resolution and field of view. SEM-guided probe placement in a wide field of view, integrated with uncompromised AFM/STM resolution.
  • Beetle Ambient STM/AFM: Atmospheric Beetle systems provide a versatile atmospheric STM/AFM-beam deflection nanotech research instrument. RHK’s thoughtful, modular design allows a straightforward, economical upgrade path to high-vacuum or UHV variable temperature capabilities when research objectives change.

For more details and specifications on the Beetle family, visit the RHK Beetle Product Page.

Beetle Family Brochure

R9plus Controller – Ultimate SPM Control

R9plus Controller Ultimate SPM Control by RHK Technology

When you are pioneering the frontiers of Nanoscience, you can count on RHK's new R9plus SPM Controller to lead the way. Its remarkable advancements originate from direct user feedback, RHK's Technical Advisory Board, and their own top scientists. Explore with confidence with the plus advantage – no controller is better equipped or more capable to take on any research challenges you face. RHK's original R9 brought great new capabilities and fresh thinking to the SPM field worldwide. Continuous improvement processes evolved R9 well beyond prior breakthroughs and achievements. With so many new capabilities and ever-improved, ever-expanding firmware, a new model emerged. With R9plus, RHK sets the standard as the innovation leader for SPM control. Uniquely integrated into one box, R9plus unites near-limitless flexibility and power with thoughtfully designed single-click simplicity and rock-solid stability. R9plus's refined and expanded firmware, software, and even further improved analog circuitry give you the highest performance and confident command.

For more details and specifications on the R9plus Controller, visit the RHK R9plus product page.

R9plus Control Brochure

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RHK Technology

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