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Theva TAPESTAR - Inspection Tools for Coated Conductors

Quality Management for Coated Conductors

The TAPESTAR™ Family

The TAPESTAR enables rapid, high-resolution quality inspection for superconducting tape. By means of a non-contact measurement method, the device produces continuous scans of the critical current along the tape with millimeter resolution, also enabling reliable detection of local faults and non-uniformities in the superconducting coating.

The measurement method can be used for all types of HTS superconducting tape (1G or 2G) and works independently of their magnetic properties – also for thick laminated or insulated tapes where electrical contact is unavailable. Many laboratories and well-known tape producers rely on this method.

The TAPESTAR is available in two versions. The TAPESTAR XL is suitable for quality control in a production environment or incoming inspection of goods. The smaller version TAPESTAR is ideal for lab use. Both versions can be customized for various different tape widths.

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Theva TAPESTAR - Inspection Tools for Coated Conductors

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